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Community Mental
Health Care

Our first & foremost priority project has been helping the mentally handicapped persons by providing free treatment and free medicines to all such poor patients of Palakkad Dist

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Need for Mental
Hospital at Palakkad

To fill the void for early detection, effective treatment and rehabilitation of mentally ill persons a full fledged Mental Health Hospital Complex is planned

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Awareness Camps &
Future Plans

Margadeepthi Charitable Trust organises Awareness Camps, to develop empathy and generate helping attitudes towards mentally challenged persons

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Margadeepthi Charitable Trust has Trustees drawn from various walks of life and are persons of eminence in their respective field of activities. Read about the credentials of the Trustees here

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List of Our Board Trustees

We drawn from various walks of life and are persons of eminence in their respective field of activities. Their expertise and commitment to the cause of the poor and needy would be fully used to mobilize funds, effective and efficient administration, future development etc. Their collective vision and wisdom shall be the guiding spirit and the leading light of the projects. We have inherent and highly developed capabilities to translate our dream into reality.

S.no Name Occupation Office held in the Association Address for Communication

P. Jayapala Menon

Y. Karunakara Menon

Retired Advocate

Managing Trustee
(Chief Functionary)

Kancherimedu, Chittur, Palakkad-678101
PH.NO: 0492-3222900
2 P.V Vijayaraghavan

S/O Chakrapani Varrier
Retired from National Textile Corporation Trustee Krishna Leela
Edathara (PO)
Ph No: 0491-2856769
3 C. Murukesan

S/O Chithran Mudaliar
Retired Dy. Head Master Trustee Jyothiss
Vengody (PO)
4 C. Ramachandran

S/O Raghavan Nair
Retired from Kerala Govt Plantation Corporation Trustee Vaishnavam Shanti Kunnathurmedu(PO)
Phone: 0491-2535510
Mobile: 9447353728
5 Beena Govind

W/O Meleveettil Govind
Correspondent Pondant Mathrubhumi Malayalam Daily Trustee Vishram,
Kunnathurmedu (PO)
Ph No: 0491-2547928
6 P. Parameshwaran

S/O K.R. Nair
Retired Director National Film Development Corporation Trustee 388, Chandranagar Extn
Ph No: 0491-2570375
Mobile: 9447095375
7 Prof C.Somasekharan

S/O Krishna Pata Nair
Retired Principal N.S.S. Engineering College , Palakkad Trustee Supriya NSC Bose road, Palakkad-768001
Ph No: 0491-2545209
Mobile: 944745209
8 B.Jayarajan

S/O Bagavatheeswaran
Chartered Accountant Trustee Jayaraj Associates
Court Road
Mobile: 9846038273
9 Dr Pushpam C. Menon

W/O P.T.C Menon
Medical Practitioner
(General Medicine)
Trustee Pathan Thachat House
Ph No:0492-3221219
Mobile : 9847261220
10 V.K Devakaran

S/O V.A. Krishnan
Retired Asst.Gen Manager State Bank of India Trustee Prashanth Nivas Mundur Palakkad-678592
Ph No:0491-2833122
11 N.J. Nair

S/O K.P. Narayanan Nair
Social Service Trustee Kalyana Soudham College Road
PH No: 0491-2545714
Mobile :9447943511
12 P.A Ramani Bhai

W/O Ramachandran Nair
Retd School Teacher Trustee Ramagiri, Aksharanagar Pallipuram (PO)
Palakkad -678006
PH No:0491-2538134
Mobile : 9447003444

M.P Udhayavarman
S/O Mani Chanunni Eradi

Advocate Trustee Udaya Mandiram
PH No: 0466-2212423
Mobile: 9895569223
14 Dr Narayanan
S/O Madhavan Namboodiri
Professor of Chemistry Government College Pattambi

Trustee Veeramani Colony Pattambi
PH No: 0466-2212423
Mobile: 9895569223
15 K.P Ahmed Kutty
S/O Yusuf
Assistant Engineer Local Self Government Department Kerala



Koppath Paramel House Old court Road Pattambi Palakkad-679303
PH No: 0466-2212166
Mobile: 9447467555
16 Dr K.T Mohammed M.B.B.S
S/O Pokker

Medical Doctor Trustee Pournami
Old Court Road
Palakkad- 679303
PH No: 0466-2212414
Mobile: 9447294485
17 Prof K. Sasi Kumar
S/O Kochu Kunju Vaidyar
Retd Head of Malayalam Dept Govt College Chittur Palakkad Trustee Easavasiam
Ambattu Palayam
PH No; 0492-322081
18 Lt Co. P. Sivasankaran
S/O P. Nanu Menon
Retd from Indian Army Trustee Krishna Nivas Thorapalayam
19 Hon Capt M.Narayanan
S/O Gopalan Nair
Retd from Indian Army Trustee Mannilassery Saroj Nivas Mundur (PO)
Palakkad -678592
PH No:0491-2833451
Mobile: 9447049429
20 A. Aravindakshan
S/O Govindankutty Nair

Retd Bank Officer from Syndicate Bank Trustee Pournami, West Fort Road Palakkad-678001
PH No: 0491-2501234
Mobile: 9447053655


P.T.C Menon
Returned from Gulf Trustee Puthan Thachat House Chittur
PH No: 0492-3221219
Mobile: 9847261220


Credentials of Trustees

P.Jayapala Menon: (Managing Trustee and Chief Functionary): Practised as a lawyer for 42 years (1961-2003) Voluntarily retired from the profession and initiated formation of Margadeepthi charitable Trust , Cultural Bodies like Palakkad Khadhakali Trust, Palakkad Chithrakala Trust, Joined the activities of Palakkad Fine Arts Society and Swaralaya, Presently chairman Palakkad Kadhakali Trust, Chairman Palakkad Chitrakala Trust, Vice President of Palakkad Fine Arts Society. Vice President Swaralaya. Started the First Art Journal of Kerala " Kalabhasha" functions as the Managing Editor fully engaged in many charitable and cultural activities

P.V Vijaya Raghavan: Worked in National Textiles Corporation for 30 years. Took voluntary retirement and started Social Service for Mentally handicapped. Now President of Devashrayam Charitable Society Palakkad an NGO for the welfare of mentally retarded children, does Counselling and other social service activities.

C. Murukesan: Retired as Deputy Head Master from Government High School after a long service of 30 Years as teacher. Doing a lot of Social Activities

C Ramachandran: Worked in Plantation corporation of Kerala for a long period after retirement now working as manager in another plantation Actively participating in the activities of Devashrayam Palakkad.

Beena Govind: Press correspondent of "Mathrubhoomi" , a leading malayalam daily, Founder executive of Devashrayam, Palakkad. Continues as its soul.

P.Parameshwaran: Retired director of national film development corporation Govt of India, had a long service of 34 years as a govt official. One of the founders of Kerala School at New Delhi Years back. Travelled throughout the world as part of International Film Festivals. Presently Managing trustee, "Palakkad Chitrakala Trust" , Vice president, Palakkad Fine Arts Society

Prof C. Somasekharan: Retd as principal, NSS Engineering college palakkad after a long service. Presently Secretary Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Palakkad Kendra Actively Engaged in institution of Engineers, Kerala Institution of Valuers, Kerala Management Association, Palakkad, Lions club , Free Masons and many other social service organizations .

B.Jayarajan: Practises as chartered accountant for the past 23 years Trustee of Palghat Management association, Executive member of OISCA International, Past National Vice president of Junior Chamber International, past president of Rotary club of Palakkad East Past chairman of Palghat branch of Chartered Accontants institute.

Dr Pushpam.C.Menon: Practising medical doctor , practised at Bombay and abroad for a long period

V. K.Devakaran: Retired as Asst General Manager, State bank of India after a long service of 35 years.

N.J.Nair: Managing Trustee N.J. Nair Vijayalakshmi Charitable Trust. Doing a lot in the field of service and help to various institutions, poor and needy; sick and invalid etc.

P.A. Ramani Bai: Retired as high school teacher from Government service. Past chairperson of Palakkad Municiapality, Patron"Chirakukal" an NGO helping poor and old patients.

M.P. Udaya Varman: Practising lawyer for the last 50 years connected with all religious and social activities of Pattambi Area , Past president of Bar Association, Pattambi.

Dr Narayanan: Presently professor of Chemistry. Govt College Pattambi Active in Social activities .

K.P.Ahammed Kutty: Presently Assistant Engineer Local Self Government , Govt of Kerala, Interested in Social Activities.

K.T Mohammed: Medical Doctor Senior Superintendent of Government Hospital Pattambi

Prof K. Sasi Kumar: Retired as Head of the department of Malayalam, Government College Chittur, Presently Association editor "Mathrubhasha" a malayalam monthly noted writer, speaker etc.

LT.Col.P.Sivasankaran: Retired from Indian Army now engaged in social service activities.

Hon. Capt M.Narayanan: Retired from the Indian Army doing social services.

A. Aravindakshan: Retired Bank Officer from Syndicate bank Trustee. Palakkad Chitrakala Trust.

P.T.C Menon: A gulf returner



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Margadeepthi Charitable Trust was formed four years ago with the prime object of promoting the general welfare of the mentally ill persons of all caste, community, sex, race, religion etc so that they live independently like any other person in the society.

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