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Community Mental
Health Care

Our first & foremost priority project has been helping the mentally handicapped persons by providing free treatment and free medicines to all such poor patients of Palakkad Dist

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Need for Mental
Hospital at Palakkad

To fill the void for early detection, effective treatment and rehabilitation of mentally ill persons a full fledged Mental Health Hospital Complex is planned

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Awareness Camps &
Future Plans

Margadeepthi Charitable Trust organises Awareness Camps, to develop empathy and generate helping attitudes towards mentally challenged persons

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Margadeepthi Charitable Trust has Trustees drawn from various walks of life and are persons of eminence in their respective field of activities. Read about the credentials of the Trustees here

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Community Mental Health Care

Our first and foremost priority project has been helping the mentally handicapped persons by providing free treatment and free medicines to all such poor patients of Palakkad District, Kerala State. Since January 2007 this noble and most needed programme started functioning by reaching out to the patients spread over all the 91 Grama Panchayaths and 4 Municipalities of Palakkad District. The number of patients benefited from this novel scheme steadily rose from a mere 250 to almost 3387 patients within 24 months to say by the end of 2008. The services of two qualified Psychiatrists have been utilized together with a team of paramedical staff and volunteers for dispensation of medicines and smooth conduct of Psychiatric Mobile Clinics at all the above Centres. Two well equipped mobile vans with all the necessary medicines and other required arrangements have been pressed for this purpose and continue to function as per pre notified schedule every month. There is every likelihood of increase in the number of patients attending free psychiatric medical camps every month. The cost of medicines alone is increasing enormously and the total expenditure is expected to go up by 20% on an average every year.

Further more as corollary to the above we have to give equal importance to Community Care by engaging psychiatric social workers to have regular home visits of the beneficiaries and their care givers in order that the process of rehabilita­tion gets momentum to achieve the goal of regaining mental health. Mental Health is equally important as physical health. The harmony between mental health and physi­cal health is the basis of the general welfare of the whole society. We’ have to undertake the task of providing Counseling to the Caregivers to create awareness of the different aspects of mental illness and mental health. Periodical awareness classes to remove stigma and superstitions are to be conducted with the help of well in­formed Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Social activists. Margadeepthi wants to serve the society as a model in the field of Mental Health.

Estimate for Project for the next 5 Years 2010

Cost of Medicine for 4000 Patients

@Rs 500 Per Month

Rs 500x4000x12

Rs 240.00 Lakhs
2 Emoluments
a)Psychiatrists (3) Rs 40,000x3x12 Rs 14.40 Lakhs
Total Rs 24.72 Lakhs
b)Psychologist (2) Rs 20,000x2x12 Rs 4.80 Lakhs
c)Pharmacist (2) Rs 8,000.x2x12 Rs 1.92 Lakhs
d)Para-medical staff (6) Rs 5,000x6x12 Rs 3.60 Lakhs
3 Vehicles 2 Nos
Wages for Drivers(2) Rs 5,000x2x12 Rs 1.20 Lakhs Rs 4.00 Lakhs
Fuel Charges
Rs 7,500x2x12 Rs 1.80 Lakhs
Maintenance, Insurance tax etc.

Rs 1.00 Lakhs
4 Food & Miscellaneous Expenses Rs 5,000x12 Rs 0.60 Lakhs 0.60 Lakhs
5 Awareness Campaign
  a)Awareness class for caregivers & Public      
Hall Rent Rs 2,000 Rs 25,000x12
Rs 3.00 Lakhs
Public Address System Rs 1,000
Food and Refreshment
(For 300@Rs50/-)
Rs 15,000
Remuneration for Professionals Rs 3,000.00
T.A Rs 2,000.00
Publicity Rs 2,000.00
  b)Formation of Self Help Group and Counselling
Emoluments of Psychiatry Social Workers(10) Rs 8,000x10x12
Rs 9.60 Lakhs
Rs 9.60 Lakhs
Meeting Expenses at 90 centres in the district Every month Rs 250x90x12 Rs 2.70 Lakhs  

T.A & D.A for Home Visit

Rs 1,000x10x12 Rs 1.20 Lakhs

Rs 1.20 Lakhs

6 Office
Rent Rs 6,000x12 0.72 Lakhs Rs 3.76 Lakhs
Electricity & Telephone Rs 2,000x12 0.24 Lakhs
Printing & Stationery   Rs 0.40 Lakhs
Emoluments for Staff Rs 4,000x5x12 Rs 2.40 Lakhs
Rs.289.58 Lakhs
Rounded to
Rs 290.00 Lakhs

Expense Estimate for Project for 5 years at an average increase of 20 % per year




Rs 290.00 Lakhs
Rs 348.00 Lakhs
Rs 418.00 Lakhs
Rs 502.00 Lakhs
Rs 602.00 Lakhs
Rs 2160.00 Lakhs
Rounded to
Rs 2200.00 Lakhs


Need for a Mental Hospital

Palakkad District is the most backward district in Keraia State. It is also one among the 42 districts in India identified as " most backward".

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