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Community Mental
Health Care

Our first & foremost priority project has been helping the mentally handicapped persons by providing free treatment and free medicines to all such poor patients of Palakkad Dist

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Need for Mental
Hospital at Palakkad

To fill the void for early detection, effective treatment and rehabilitation of mentally ill persons a full fledged Mental Health Hospital Complex is planned

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Awareness Camps &
Future Plans

Margadeepthi Charitable Trust organises Awareness Camps, to develop empathy and generate helping attitudes towards mentally challenged persons

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Margadeepthi Charitable Trust has Trustees drawn from various walks of life and are persons of eminence in their respective field of activities. Read about the credentials of the Trustees here

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A Brief Report of our Activities

Margadeepthi Charitable Trust was formed in 2004 with the prime object of promoting the general welfare of the mentally ill persons of all caste, community, sex, race, religion etc so that they live independently like any other person in the society. The mentally disturbed persons do deserve more compassion and care as the society often adopts an attitude of indifference and scorn towards such persons. It has more or less become the need of the day to treat these hapless persons with due consideration and regard.

Margadeepthi Charitable Trust is a service organization functioning with the sole motive of emancipating such helpless lot from the clutches of disgrace and humiliation inflicted upon them from various quarters of the society, Today our Trust has grown to the stature of a pioneer NGO piloting many projects in pursuit of excellence in the field of mental health and to cope With the ever growing demand for bringing these ill-fated mentally challenged Persons to the main stream of our society. An estimated 2% of the populations suffer partial or permanent disabilities on account of mental illness. These most neglected and abused strata of the society do not get the required Support for treatment and rehabilitation in order that a mentally ill person get Due recognition, respect and opportunities to be a part of the main stream.

The biggest challenge is social stigma and the aversion of majority to open their eyes and be compassionate towards the ill-fated mentally challenged persons. In such a situation Margadeepthi has taken up these social evils as a challenge and started a master plan to provide free treatment, medicines   and regular monthly follow-ups in all the 91 panchayaths and 4 Municipalities of Palakkad District from January 2007 onwards by organising free monthly medical campsfor the mentally ill persons with the support of local body authorities. Two medical vans with all the modern psychiatric medicines from reputed pharmaceutical companies, two qualified and experienced doctors of psychiatry, pharmacist along with Trustees and other staff members do visit each of the local body office as scheduled for each month with the motive to make Palakkad District a model for anybody else to follow in the field of mental health. Our objective is to eradicate mental illness and stigma associated with it from Palakkad District in course of time by building confidence in them that mental illness is treatable and controllable.

Present state of Affairs

As said earlier we started giving free medicine to all mental patients of   palakkad district from 2007 January. By 2009 the numbers swelled is more than 3000 cost of medicines per month was more than 15 lakes. Our finance were not suffient and we were forced as shop giving free medicine by 2009 end.

In the wean white we approached government of kerala made representation and government conducted an enquiry of our activities.  Government  was planed very much and issued an order allowing all local bodies (95 in total) to supply free medicine thought primary health center to all the mentally patients treated by Margadeepthi charitable trust.

We conducted the local bodies but as it is only 36 local bodies are supplying free medicines. The rest 59 are not following the gout order are not supplying free medicine. We are perusing the matter an  if necessary    we will initiate necessary legal steps also if see that all the local bodies implement the gout order.

  After detailed discussion by the trustees we have come to the following conclusion.

  1. If is futile to depend on the local bodies alone.
  2. The trust must restart the practice of conducting camps is supplying free medicines to all mentally ill patients of palakkad district
  3. A corpus fund of Rs.25 cores is to be collected and deposited in bank so that we will be able to supply free medicines to all from the monthly interest of the corpus fund deposit.
  4. We here by request all generous people and an institution to donate funds for this noble cause and help us to razes the fund.

We wish to state that our trust is enquiring in his character. There is no other NGO or any Govt. agencies in any part of the whole world which supplies free medicines to all mentally ill patients of a whole district.
Humbly requesting for donation of enormous a month and thanking you.

Aims & Objectives of the Trust

The Trust deed envisages various social and economical objectives to provide quality help to achieve high standards in the field of Mental Health, Educational facilities to the poor and brilliant students etc. The immediate task was to help the helpless and hapless mentally ill persons of Palakkad District, Kerala State as the need for such help from persons below poverty line and lower middle class was very high. The priority of the Trust has been:

  • To promote general welfare of the mentally challenged persons (III/Retarded/Disturbed/Disabled/and Destitutes) of all caste, community, sex, race, religion etc. regardless of the degree of handicap so that they live as independently and as fully as possible like any other person as also as close to the community to which they belong.
  • Providing free treatment and free medicines regularly and as long as required,
  • Starting rehabilitation centres to bring those mentally challenged persons to the main stream of the society.
  • Campaign against social stigma and superstition in order that the patients and the care-givers do get love and respect as any other normal person.
  • Conducting regular awareness classes to make the care-givers know the importance of their role in and out of their families and the society.
  • To create awareness among the general public the need for their services to uplift the mentally challenged persons.
  • To start de-addiction centres to save the liquor and drug addicts from total ruin
  • Constructions of a Ml fledged Mental Health Complex
  • Construction of old age homes for destitutes as well as other needy persons,
  • Start counselling centres for the benefits of patients, caregivers and students of various age groups.
  • To propagate the message of living in peace and harmony by publishing pamphlets, books and periodicals highlighting various accepts of mental illness and mental health.
Managing trustee
Margadeepthi Charitable Trust.


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Margadeepthi Charitable Trust was formed four years ago with the prime object of promoting the general welfare of the mentally ill persons of all caste, community, sex, race, religion etc so that they live independently like any other person in the society.